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Tomatoes have always been a particularly difficult food to make kid-friendly dishes with.  I didn’t even start eating them (unless they were disguised in soup) until a few years ago when a friend grew some of the smaller, yellow tomatoes in her garden and put them in a salad she served for lunch.  They were perfectly crisp on the outside and sweet and juicy in the middle.  I think the tomatoes of my youth were mushy, and tart, so no wonder I didn’t like them!

So, to help my kids, I started with canned tomatoes that blended into a stew and took on the flavor of the broth more than having a pure tomato flavor.  Their favorite soup that they will eat tomatoes in is Autumn Soup.  It has lots of oregano and some salt and pepper which really is the main flavor of the broth.

Another way to start serving tomatoes to your kids is by using sun dried tomatoes.  I like to make homemade pizzas with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, grilled chicken and mozzarella with an olive oil base.  I also make a pasta dish with similar ingredients and with a homemade alfredo sauce.  They love this!

Since I did so well with the sweet, little yellow tomatoes, I started making a Quinoa Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber and Feta.  I cut the tomatoes in half to make them less daunting and the kids seem to really like it.  It’s a beautiful dish and it’s good for you too.  The last recipe I wanted to mention was a simple bruschetta with goat cheese and a tomato-basil-garlic salsa on top.  I made this the other day, along with my Avocado Toast, and my 8 year old kept coming back for more.  Yay!


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