Pumpkins & Squash!

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Fall is here and although I haven’t quite switched to my fall decorations I have been thinking of fall foods.  One food that comes to mind is pumpkin.  It was definitely not on my kids favorite list but now I make lots of things with pumpkin that they love.  As a kid, I was not introduced to anything pumpkin other than pumpkin pie and I didn’t like it because of the consistency.  Even to this day I prefer pumpkin tart to pumpkin pie because it is more firm.  Your kids might too!

To start your kids on their pumpkin journey I suggest you start with pumpkin bread.   The kid-friendly recipe that I use has a lot of spices in it so it will not have an overly strong pumpkin flavor.  Another good pumpkin treat is pumpkin chocolate cookies, it’s a healthier version (pumpkins supply more beta carotene per serving than any other fruit or vegetable) than your typical chocolate chip cookie and it is more moist too.  I have yet to meet  a kid who won’t eat it.

Now to get on to some savory options.  I had sugar pumpkin soup (it’s a smaller pumpkin that is used in baking and cooking) at a friends house when I was newly married.  I had never had anything like it before, not even butternut squash soup, and I knew I had to gut it down so I didn’t embarrass myself or my hostess.  Being in the situation helped me try something new and I’m glad I did.  It was rich and creamy and seasoned just right.

And lastly, my friend Sam made this savory butternut squash and sausage stew that is wonderful.  All her family love it and now we do too.  They like to serve it with a warm, crusty loaf of bread that they tear apart to serve.  What kid doesn’t want to do that?

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