Pumpkin-shaped Cake

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2 boxes cake mix (any flavor)

2 jars vanilla frosting

1 small dixie cup

5-6 toothpicks or cake testers

green food coloring

orange food coloring (2 red drops and 2 yellow drops)

This is incredibly simple but is a great hit at any Halloween party.

Make two bundt cakes, following the package directions.  Make sure to grease and flour the bundt pans well, you don’t want these to stick!  Cool completely.

On a large platter put one bundt cake, ridged side down.  Put 5-6 toothpicks or cake testers around the top of the bundt cake, push half-way in.  Put the other bundt cake on top, ridged side up, being careful to center it on the toothpicks.

Set aside 1/2 c. of frosting and color it green.

Put the other frosting in a small bowl and color it orange.  Frost the cake with the orange frosting, being careful to fill in any gaps in the side.  Finish the side with vertical stripes, to look like a pumpkin.

Frost the dixie cup with the green frosting and put on top of the cake.

Voila!  You have your pumpkin cake!


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