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Just so you know, this has been one of my more difficult food items to get into my kids diet.  They will still pick around them at times and at others, they gobble them up. Here are two quick tips to help them gobble not pick.  When you first introduce mushrooms, slice them thinly and don’t put too many in.  This can really backfire!  Thinly slicing allows the mushroom to get soft and to absorb the other flavors in the dish.  If they see too many mushrooms, it can put them off the whole dish.  They have to feel that there are at least some things in the dish they want to eat!

Pizza is the first food that comes to mind when I picture my kids eating mushrooms without whining.  You can cut them up in small pieces and they just kind of blend into the other toppings.  I like to grill my pizzas and the kids think this is so fun, that they will eat most any of the toppings I put on.  It’s almost like a little show to them,  “is mom going to burn it this time?”, “is the pizza going to slide off the spatula and onto the deck?”.   These things have happened but when it’s successful (most of the time!) the kids get excited to eat what we have made together.  Try my Grilled Pizza with Mushrooms and Proscuitto.

A favorite with all my kids is Beef Stroganoff.  I make it all the time and as long as I slice the mushrooms a little thinner than usual, they all will eat it.  I made it last week with mushrooms sliced too thick, and while my husband loved it, there was a little grumbling from the kids and some mushrooms were left on the plate when they were done.  I feel it’s perfectly ok to make the effort to modify a recipe so your kids will eat it, rather than just making them gut it down.  They will be more likely to eat it in the future.

One of my all time favorite recipes is Beouf Bourguignon.  This is a rich, stew that is made with beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms, and has a red wine sauce (typically a burgundy) that is sooo good.  My son has been asking for it so I thought it would be a good addition for this mushroom focus food newsletter.

And lastly, once your kids start eating mushrooms, you can start adding them to your pasta dishes, salads or even just sauteed mushrooms with a little garlic as a side dish or served over a grilled chicken.  Enjoy!

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