About Us

Having three kids and trying to cook for their different tastes drives me crazy.  I also have a husband who loves food and doesn’t want tacos or cheese quesadillas all the time.  So, a few years ago I noticed my son wanting to try more types of food.  It was always when my husband or I were excited about what we were eating.  He’d say “Can I just have a tiny bite?”  That would then lead to another bite, and then taking a helping for himself.

It didn’t happen over night but by being excited about the food I served, presenting it in an appealing way and introducing new foods gradually, my kids came to appreciate the same foods we do.  I know the same can happen for you.

My kids may not love everything I make them but I know they eat more varied foods than most of their friends.  Making this effort to introduce new foods to my kids has been worth every battle.  I now enjoy cooking again and I don’t see it as the thankless task it used to be.