Halloween Treats

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Halloween is such a fun time of year!  I especially love the food that I get to make.  My favorites are desserts of course!

Here are some of my tried and true Halloween treats that parents and kids alike love.  The first is my Pumpkin-shaped Cake.  It looks amazing but is relatively easy to put together.  It is basically two cakes in one so it can serve a large amount of people.  Great for a party!

Another treat I make is my great-grandmothers Caramel Popcorn Clusters.  Originally, she made popcorn balls out of them but I wanted something that you could just nibble at without needing to eat a whole popcorn ball.  So instead of making balls I spread out the caramel popcorn on sheet pans so they made little clusters instead.  Sorry grandma!


A chocolaty treat for Halloween is my Triple Chocolate Cupcakes with Spiderwebs.  It is a super-chocolaty cupcake made with chocolate chips, chocolate cake mix and chocolate pudding.  Can’t go wrong there!  Then we make a fun design on top of spiderwebs and spiders.  What kid (or adult) wouldn’t like that?


And lastly, on a slightly healthier note is my Caramel Apple Dip.  Again, I like the idea of eating just a few bites of apple rather than an entire caramel apple.  So I make a Buttermilk Caramel Sauce and I serve it with fresh, sliced apples.  My favorite apple is the HoneyCrisp, it pairs perfectly with the caramel sauce.

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