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This week I am going to focus on avocados.  You can still get some good ones in the store and I have lots of ways to use avocados that your kids will love.

In the past they would only eat guacamole.  Now they beg for avocado toast and want to put it in everything from spring rolls to salads.

The good way to introduce avocados is in guacamole.  There are so many flavors going on they can get past the mushy, green look of it by putting a tiny bit on a tortilla chip.  My husband makes a killer guacamole that is characterized by a chunkier style and includes his special ingredient, radishes.  Your kids may want a more uniform style to start, so when you make it, just mash it more and leave the radishes out altogether.  Using a food processor like Cuisinart or even a small blender like the Magic Bullet works great for getting an even consistency.

Another way is in tortilla soup.  If you cut up ripe avocados into the soup, just before serving, they absorb the flavor of the broth but don’t become mushy for awhile.  Keep the pieces small, that’s one way of making them “accidentally” try it.  My kids got pretty good about eating around certain foods in a dish that they didn’t like.  So I started cutting the pieces smaller, so they would miss some and accidentally eat them.

The next step is to make spring rolls or tacos with avocados in it.  Again, there are other flavors going on but the avocado stands out a little more as the pieces are usually sliced bigger and are in every bite not just in a few bites.

Finally, making avocado toast or just letting them eat the avocado out of the rind with a little salt and pepper will give them the full flavor of the avocado with very little competition from other ingredients.  My kids now pick through my chicken, avocado and pine nut salad to get as many avocados as they can. Of course, I am working on table manners at that point and furiously whispering in their ear to leave some for others!  It’s all a process. 🙂


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